Lou Shimbart

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GVC Pocket Modem (9600 FAX, 2400 bps Modem) w/ power (no serial cable)
Omniswitch (Talon Tech)
5.25" drive w/ PS and drive cable
5.25" drive w/ PS Drive MaSTer /w 2 drive cables
Atari STf computer w/ mouse, power cord, manual

Flash 1.5 (Antic) 3
G+plus (Codeheads) 1
Kermit and Remote Control ACC (Antic) 1
Shadow (Antic) 1
Timelink (Batteries Included) 1
Thunder (Batteries Included) 1
Phantom [file transfer protocol] (Micro Creations) 1
LabelMaSTer (MiGraph) 1

Eskimo Games (MagicBytes) 1
Tournament Disk #1 for Leader Board Pro Golf (Sim Access Software) 1
Expansion Set # 1 for Chaos Strikes Back! (FTL) 1
ShadowGate, DejaVu, UnInvited Classic Game Trilogy 1
Dungeon MaSTer (FTL) 1
Pub Trivia Simulation (Code Masters) 1
The Pawn (RainBird) 1

Manuals, Books
1st Word Plus Command! by Daivd Lewis (Intrinsic Software) 1
Command! by Daivd Lewis (Intrinsic Software) 2
STarQueST: rescue at rigel (Epyx) 1
LISP by Patrick Winston, Berthold Horn 1
Atari ST BASIC Source book and tutorial (Atari) 1



CASADAPTOR[cassette interface for 400/600/800/1200XL]
has mic, ear, audio, motor plugs and atari interface 1
Atari Video Computer System keyboard controllers(2 in box) 2
APE interface (Digital Devices) 1

Diskey [400/800/1200] by Sparky Starker (Adventure International) 1
Linking Logic cartridge (Fisher Price) 1
Graphics Magician Picture Painter (Penguin Software) 1
Atari Writer cartridge ONLY[no cassettes] (Atari) 1
Text Wizard [400/800] (DataSoft Inc) 1
InterLISP (DataSoft Inc) 1
DOS 2.5 manual and disks

Manuals, books
Atari Games and Recreation by Herb Kohl, Ted Kahn, Len Lindsay, Pat Cleland (Atari) 1
Time 8/SDCS supplement (ICD) 1
SpartaDOS Construction Set (ICD) 1
Trick Tutorial #2 [Horiz and Vert scrolling](Santa Cruz Educational Software) 1
The Elementary Atari by Will Saunders (DataMost) 1
Atari 400/800 manual (Atari) 1
Andromeda (Software Inc) 1
Atari Disk Drive 1050 manual 2
Atari BASIC by Richard Haskell (Prentice Hall) 1
The Atari 8bit Extra (Analog) 1
Edu-Ware Computer Math Fractions 1
Atari Sound and Graphics by Herb Moore, Judy Lower, Bob Albrecht (John Wiley & Sons)1
COMPUTE'S 2nd book of Atari 1
Atari BASIC(8bit) by Bob Albrecht, Leroy Finkel (John Wiley & Sons)1
Your Atari Computer by Brown and Pool (McGraw Hill) 1
BASIC fun: Kids guide to BASIC programming (Avon Camelot) 1
Understanding BASIC by Richard Peddicard (Alfred Publication) 1
Mapping the Atari[500/800] by Ian Chadwick (Compute! books) 1
Inside Atari BASIC by Bill Carris (Atari)

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